A self-contained modern residential development inclusive of all basic amenities…

The project Infrastructure have been designed keeping in view the accessibility factor having mosques, pharmacies, along with strategically located unique community health facilities closer to your home , realizing the need for quality education KGC have planned for High Standard Pre, High Schools & Colleges to create valuable community members, Consumer Retail Shopping Areas are being developed with an assortment of benefits offered to consumers within the vicinity, parks and community centers so that each day is lived and enjoyed to the optimum.


Main Boulevard/Major Roads/Major Activity Nodes

Central Commercial Zones & Alongside Main Boulevard/Primary Arterials Mixed-use Plots, Shopping Malls/Hyper Market, Eateries, Entertainment Zone, Business Centers, Hotels/Serviced Apartments, Bank Squares, Markets for Cloth/ Furniture/ Building Materials/ Hardware, Bachat Bazaars, Marriage Marquees etc.

Sector Markaz

Single Centrally located nucleus - heart of each Sector to make them self-sufficient in terms of daily household needs Grocery Stores, Bakery, Eateries, Courier Service, Dairy Shop, Bank Branches, Tailoring Shops, Barber Shop, Real Estate, Hardware Store, Auto-Maintenance, etc.


  • Educational institutions: Secondary Schools, Colleges, Universities, Vocational Training, Day care centers
  • Healthcare: General Hospitals, Diagnostic Centre, Pathology Centers, Poly Clinics
  • Sports/Recreation: Sports Complex, Stadium, Gym Facilities
  • Entertainment/Leisure: Community Clubs, Theatre/ Cinemas
  • Religious: Palm Dreams Grand Mosque
  • Utility Buildings: Fire Station, O&M Buildings

Sectorial Amenities

  • Day Care/ Primary Schools
  • Basic Healthcare Unit (Pathology/Radiology Lab, Pharmacy)
  • Sports/Recreation (Health/Fitness Club, Community Hall)
  • Religious (Sector Mosque)

Parks & Playgrounds

Open parks and green areas near Main Boulevard & shared pubic spaces

  • Open parks and green areas strategically integrated into the plan
  • Provide breathing spaces within residential areas
  • Highlight the main spine and enhance the experience along it
  • Located near amenities and areas of commercial activity
  • Provide aesthetic value/recreational facilities to the public
  • Green belts, water bodies, street furniture

Road Network

Main Boulevard

  • Connects the development to the Super Highway and passes along the major commercial zones

Primary Road Spine

  • The arterial road which branches from the Main Boulevard and connects all the sectors and the major activity nodes. Large commercial & amenity precincts are planned along this corridor.

Secondary Roads

  • Major Road going through each Sector and the Sector Markaz, connecting it to the Primary Road Spine

Tertiary Roads

  • Branching from Secondary Roads
  • Commercial, Residential & Amenity Nodes
  • In areas of mid-rise buildings and Commercial Areas

Local Roads and Streets

  • Branching from Tertiary Roads
  • Residential Zones
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